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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes have the potential to cause severe injuries in mere moments. What distinguishes motorcycle accidents is the heightened risk of catastrophic outcomes due to the direct exposure of the rider to the road, debris, and surrounding vehicles. Even accidents at low speeds can significantly harm motorcycle riders, often leading to brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and limb loss. Although helmets are crucial in saving lives, they cannot entirely mitigate all potential injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first insurance to explore is the at fault driver’s insurance. If that driver did not have insurance or does not have enough insurance then you may be covered by your own insurance if you or a residential family member maintained uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Colorado does not require motorcycle operators to wear helmets. so if you were not wearing a helmet you can still pursue a personal injury claim if someone else injures you while on the road.

You can still have a claim if you were speeding, but the compensation that you recover may be affected. Colorado is a modified comparative negligence state which means that the victim’s compensation may be reduced if the victim is found to have partially caused the accident.

Generally the categories of damages an injured victim can recover are more or less the same as an automobile occupant, a pedestrian, or a bicycle rider. That said, oftentimes motorcycle accidents cause more severe injuries than a typical car crash as motorcycle drivers are more exposed than someone in a car.

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